Informed by a curiosity of the natural world

My story by founder, Lindsay Voogt

"Copper Moon is inspired by my personal wellness journey"

My focus has been guided by complementary health modalities that offer a tangible experience of the innate intelligence and unique potential within each of us.  

The modalities below and the incredible teachers and mentors I have met over the past 15 years have helped me move towards a greater sense of self and health. They have inspired my work with clients and students.

  • Ayurvedic Massage & Principles
  • Touch for Health Kinesiology Practitioner & Certified Instructor
  • Specialised Kinesiology (ASKSA)
  • Craniosacral Therapy (RCST), Post Grad: Biodynamic Training with Franklin Sills at the Karuna Institute,  Devon, UK
  • Horse Reflection Therapy

Copper Moon is a space where individuals and groups are supported in their physical, energetic, mental and emotional wellbeing.