Horse REFLECTION Sessions

Sessions offer deeply personal experiences and new perspectives.


Horse Reflection Sessions:

Our facilitators offer sessions in nature with the Earthwalk Therapy Horses. These can be one-on-one sessions, with a partner/colleague/family member or as a group:

 - Experience non-verbal reflections from these sensitive and sentient beings.

 - Gain context to your life and relationships in a very personal and authentic way. This     is your truth.

 - Find regulation and nervous system support with a deeper sense of self and    coherence. What am I thinking, what am I feeling, are these two congruent?

 - Experience relief and even joy when you can take a step back and get a "birds eye"     view of the patterning and belief systems that may be blocking your way forward.

Muscle Monitoring:

Our physical bodies and energy fields are intertwined.

For this reason sessions begin with a short check in using muscle monitoring ( a biofeedback method) to understand where your energy may be blocked.

Re-checking your body responses at the end of your Horse Reflection Session is a wonderful barometer of just how powerful the work can be.  

Many clients have had experiences in the field that have reset their nervous systems to the point that muscles or energy flow has recalibrated.

It is inspiring to work with clients in this way and to reveal the support that nature can offer us.


Session details: 1.5 hr @ R1300

What to wear: Comfortable clothing

Balanced blood sugar: Please be sure to have something to eat and drink at least an hour be-forehand for your comfort. Bring a bottle of water and sun hat along too.

Some Benefits:

Understanding relationships, work and/or personal

New perspectives that can assist your with decision making

Deepening your sense of self and heart-coherence

Healing resonance with nature that brings us into the present moment

"I want to say thank you so much for this morning, what an absolute GIFT.
If you can see/feel your way through the unknown, you will always find a nugget to take away! Gave me a chance to get some perspective on my life, past, present and future." -