Specialised Kinesiology and Craniosacral Therapy

Start a conversation with your body to maintain balance and wellness in your life.

Working muscle to muscle, meridian to meridian, sessions at Copper Moon help you to find postural ease and comfort.

Suitable for a wide range of age groups, Specialised Kinesiology and TFH support clients in clarifying their goals and reaching their unique potential on a physical, mental, emotional and/or energetic level.

The gentle modality of Craniosacral Therapy is beneficial in releasing tension and unwinding unhelpful patterns. Using light touch, it is possible to feel for the rhythmic movement of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the nervous system.  Restrictions or imbalances in this system can affect the regulation of many physiological processes in the body.

Copper Moon upholds the model of self-responsibility and seeks to educate and empower clients in their wellness journey. We do not diagnose, treat conditions or prescribe medications.

Benefits from sessions:

  • postural alignment
  • rehabilitation from injury
  • clarifying intentions/goals
  • nutritional support
  • restoring ease and joy

Session details: 1 hour @ R550

What to wear: Comfortable clothing, leggings or easy fitting trousers are best.

Balanced blood sugar: Please be sure to have something to eat and drink at least an hour be-forehand for your comfort. Bring a bottle of water along too.

What is Specialised Kinesiology?

Specialised Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring as a biofeedback mechanism to assess the responses of specific muscles and their related meridian energy flow. These responses show up as a measure of function and potential to move towards wellness.

Practitioners look to enhance physical, mental,emotional and energetic states by incorporating techniques from various fields.These include chiropractic, Chinese 5 Element meridian theory, acupressure, reflex work and massage.

Useful links:

Association of Specialised Kinesiologists South Africa

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

This non-invasive therapy is based on the subtle rhythmic pulse of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Practitioners of this therapy use gentle touch to palpate this rhythm, often starting with the head, neck and spine and moving to other parts of the body as needed. Sessions aim to release restrictions and improve the flow of CSF in order to reduce pain, improve mobility and promote relaxation. Clients often report a sense of deep calm and peace post session.

Useful Links:

Craniosacral Therapy Association of South Africa

Customer testimonial

Thank you so much for the help with my arm, I also did the home exercise and it's the first time in about two months that it's stopped aching! Hopefully it will continue to get better. You have no idea how grateful I am.