Equanimity in the Field

Specifically designed for Bodywork Practitioners and Students


We invite you to enjoy a sublime experience in nature.

Date tba

10am-3.30pm at Syringa Farm, Noordhoek

R1300, Tea/Coffee and Vegetarian Lunch provided

We will practice heart-centred observation and listening skills. What's different is that you will be amongst a small herd of therapy horses.

Horses are sensitive, sentient beings and resonate with a level of emotional balance and congruency.

As we drop into this vibration, they gift us with a tangible reflection of our coherence and beyond... the nuggets of wisdom can surprise you and are unique to each participant.

Embodying equanimity is a healing vibration and is a wonderful reminder of the safe holding space we seek to provide for our clients.



Lindsay Voogt Copper Moon Health

Nicola Michl, Earthwalk Wellness Studio

Max 6 Participants

Pre-requisite: Bodywork practitioners and Students

No horse experience required

Overview of the Day

10am Welcome and Brief Introduction

Tea Break: 11am Meditation & Field Work with the Horses

Lunch: 1.45pm Partnered sessions in nature

3.30pm Closing

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